Flights & Car Hire

Flights to Florida , Orlando in particular, are now available from many airlines in many options.

Costs for Direct flights to Orlando International or Sanford Airports can vary depending on the time of year and the airline you choose. Indirect flights are generally slightly cheaper and although it can make the travelling time longer on the occasions we have used them, we have not had any bad experiences. Scheduled flights normally cost a little more than charter flights, however you do get better seats, entertainment and free drinks. Scheduled flights fly into Orlando International and Charter flights fly into Sanford.

Indirect flights – flights with at least one stop between the UK and the destination (Orlando) – are usually good value and don’t be put off by the thought of a stop-over. Connecting flights are usually scheduled for departure approximately 2 or so hours after landing. Much of this time will be taken up with imigration and will pass quite quickly. You then travel on to Orlando on an internal flight and with no immigration to go through at Orlando you clear the airport much quicker.

Car Hire rates vary depending on the type of vehicle required and how many drivers etc. for larger groups, upgrading to a 7,8 or 9 seat people carrier rather than 2 separate cars may be a good idea as is the ‘gold cover’ option which gives you additional driver(s) and a full tank of petrol. You can return the vehicle empty, so there’s no chasing around on the last day to fill up. All hire cars in Florida are automatic and have aircon – a necessity.

We have found a company called ‘Charter Travel’ very good and helpful on both airfares and car hire rates. They state that all airfares to the USA are heavily discounted and although on occasions they are not the cheapest, generally we find they provide great value and because we recommend many guests we find they offer excellent rates. Don’t forget to mention our names.