Money Saving Tips

Make a point to pick up a discount booklet. There are many varied booklets and they are available from most supermarkets, many souvenir shops, and all shopping plazas and malls. In them you will find money off vouchers for restaurants, attractions and shops. In restaurants we recommend a tip of perhaps 10% to 15%. The savings made by using a voucher is normally 10% or a free course. The voucher simply covers most if not all of the tip. The saving on entrance to attactions can be as little as $2 or as much as $10 or more per person. Many also give addresses and directions so they are extremely handy to keep in the car.

Spending one, two or more weeks away from home can be expensive. Eating out is reasonably priced however paying for the family and/or group to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner every day will add up. Our villas have fully equipped kitchens with everything from a coffee maker to a dishwasher. There are several supermarkets within a few minutes of the villas which stock everything you would ever need. The goods available are very similar to the UK, so buy your breakfast foods there. Cereal, milk, coffee, bread etc are all there (perhaps you may want to take your own favourite brand of tea, as much of the local stuff would take two or three months to brew!!).

Look out for the ‘all you can eat’ restaurants. If you are having a late start and not planning to get to an attraction until say lunch time, try one of the restaurants that offer a breakfast menu. These are extremely good value and costs are only $4 or $5. For this you really can eat all you can! Start with cereal, move on to the fry-up, then all the breads and toasts with cheese, ham, preserves, try the pancakes with maple syrup, refresh your pallets with fruit and then (if you’re up to it) start again!!! Treat it as a brunch it will last you the day and save you money on eating in the parks, which can be a little expensive.

If you are staying for two weeks then take enough clothes to last one week. The villas are fully equipped with easy to use washing machines and tumble dryers so you can keep your existing clothes fresh and clean. You will be doing some shopping for clothes so why not wear what you buy. Clothes are cheap in Florida and by leaving space in your case on the way out you will have space to bring back what you buy.